ASMR for Foodies: Wonders of Quinoa & Healthy Eating, ASMR + (Soft-Spoken… ish)

ASMR for Foodies: Wonders of Quinoa & Healthy Eating, ASMR + (Soft-Spoken… ish)

Hi guys. (this was posted a few days back, i only made it private while youtube fixed an edit where i had tried to stabilize the camera movements and they made my video look like a carnival funhouse mirror no joke, but here it is back up and sorry for any confusion, enjoy!) This isn’t the vid I planned to be uploading today. I made this video back before I made the first video I posted on youtube so sorry for the narrow camera view (and shaky cam movements, you can just listen if you want too) and that my voice volume is louder than I might normally use today. If you’re a fan of unintentional asmr this is probably closer to that style. I still like the topics of discussion (food and a bit of my thoughts about ASMR) so I wanted to offer this up to you. Also, some nice bag crinkles and triggers sprinkled about :D. I am still working on a whisper video that I am very excited about and I hope a lot of you will really enjoy. I expect to have that up very soon. This one is me talking about food (yum.), superfood, healthy eating and lifestyle, weight management, metabolism, diet, ASMR, and yes, dessert, etc. I hope that it might be helpful or thought-provoking for some of you who struggle with any of these things and I would love to hear what you think. Thanks for checking it out and I will have new ASMR video up very soon. I do not work for TJ’s and was not paid to make this video by them or anyone :). I am also not a nutritionist in real life nor do I claim to be so. However

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  1. Microwaving doesn’t make your food unhealthy! I? always steam my veggies in the microwave. It uses significantly less energy than the stove as well (so you save on your hydro bill!)

  2. I’m no nutritionist, I learn as I go. According to a few sources like this article, which was on ehow: Use a microwave to retain vitamins in vegetables. The water used? while cooking is where many vitamins are lost, and microwave ovens cook vegetables using a small amount of water. Keep vegetables tightly covered during cooking. If you are not using a recipe, see your microwave’s instruction booklet for how to cook specific vegetables.

    Teach me what/ where you learned differently 🙂

  3. That food looks really good,? and i agree with you on having well-balanced food and moderation in everything for good health

  4. I just tried quinoa? for the first time a few weeks ago and im 32. It was D-lish! And very good for you. Thanks for making this video. : )

  5. @oldwonderfulsounds? I really like yours as well and I know you and I share an appreciation for @yanghaiying . She is very inspiring to want to make these kind of vids too.

  6. Good suggestion, I have thought about some of this too and I may eventually try making a blog or website so I can get any supplemental information like that to those of you who are interested. Thank you, I am very happy that? it helps you sleep. This is one forum where me boring or lulling you to sleep is a good thing :).

  7. good call on burning cals while? chewing them, one less thing to take off the guilty pleasures list lol you’re right about the wine and you can’t go wrong with Guinness on St. Patty’s..BRILLIANT! (:

  8. It’s hard to focus on WHAT you are saying because of the sleepy mood and asmr -_- . So, i think lots of people would appreciate some? basic tips(what you think are good fat kinds of food etc etc) in text form 🙂 . Thx.

  9. thanks for the link!!! I sometimes have difficulty actually having an appetite and making sure I eat healthy when I’m stressed or? anxious. I look forward to more food videos, because they really help!

  10. Hehe, im french and no, we dont know quinoa at? all. But this seem so delicious. Dayum by your fault i’m hungry now !
    Très jolie voix

  11. Thank you! I remember looking into that after I made the video, but I had forgotten again as I was uploading it. The French have so many words to make? things sound good, melange is definitely one. Wonder if they are fans of quinoa over there.

  12. Sweet, I figured that this one might appeal to foodies or bodybuilder, fitness etc. types in particular. I’m glad? I’m not the only one out there who loves this stuff. Makes me feel cooler now that I know you do too. Ha. Everything at TJ’s seems like it should be so healthy you should get to subtract calories for eating it. The wine selection isn’t half bad either. Though it is St. Patrick’s Day and they had a sale on Guinness so I had to go that route :).

  13. Hey Jennifer,? another magical. very relaxing softly spoken voice. I dont know what quinoa is but it looks yummy. Great vid Jenn, thank you sooo much. 😉

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