Benefits of QUINOA!!!

Benefits of QUINOA!!!

I’ve been experimenting with QUINOA!!!! Some of you might have heard of this seed, this is a great alternative to brown rice, white rice, or wild rice. The Inca warriors used to eat quinoa right before battle to give them energy and more stamina! • Quinoa is a complete protein w/ all 9 essential aminos. • Filled with Iron • High in Magnesium • B-2 vitamins for energy • Lysine which is essential for tissue & growth repair. • Gluten-Free • Alkaline for your body! Super easy to make, 2 cups of water for every cup of quinoa. I encourage you all to give quinoa a shot and let me know how you like it! ? JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! http

13 thoughts on “Benefits of QUINOA!!!”

  1. Microwave? No no, the radiation from a microwave is not healthy. Quinoa cooks? in 15 minutes on the stove on low after it has been brought to a boil.

  2. ahah NIICE! yes I rarely use the microwave! you’re totally right its not healthy, what I meant was? if you can push a button you can cook quinoa! 🙂 LOTS OF LOVE

  3. Wow i literally had some last night.? Btw I’ve heard microwaves aren’t good for your due to the fact you are consuming radiation and it destroys some of it’s nutrition. Or at 1:00 did you mean IF you can use a microwave?

    Great video, thanks!

  4. Hi LOVE! I? cooked my quinoa 2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa. But here’s a on how to prepare if you want it RAW! 🙂 rawyouthDOTtumblrDOTcom

  5. Charles,? could you please explain exactly how you prepare the Quinoa? It’s not clear to me in the video (preferably raw, if you could). Thanks for sharing and thanks in advance, ; ) xx

  6. cool? i also added some more spices and oat, and sesame seeds and flax seeds XD hahaha i love to add stuff 😛

  7. some crimini mushrooms sliced and sprayed with liquid? amino , lemon and olive oil. Then I chop some kalamata olives, some fresh mint , chopped, some fresh thyme, chopped, some fresh dill, some crumbled blue cheese , cherry tomatoes, celery thinly sliced, toasted almonds, some turmeric in powder and it is divine.

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