Can you freeze quinoa after it has been cooked?

Question by Sonia P: Can you freeze quinoa after it has been cooked?
I am making a Quinoa dish but i think there will be some left over and i dont want to waste it. Can i freeze it?

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Answer by digbklyn
Yes, you can freeze cooked quinoa. From
“Can make 1 lb of quinoa and freeze leftovers. Try it mixed into scrambled eggs.”
From the DallasNews: “Cut dinner prep time by freezing grains. Few people know that you can freeze grains, which turn out fluffy, not mushy, when microwaved or cooked in a pan. Try freezing cooked grains such as rice, quinoa and millet in small glass bowls to cut your dinner prep time during the week.”
From “I cooked off a number of different grains a couple weeks back, let them cool to room temp, packed the grains into small freezer bags, and stacked them in the freezer – quinoa, millet, and brown rice.”

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