Chana Masala Quinoa Recipe

Chana Masala Quinoa Recipe

Chana Masala Quinoa Recipe

Chana masala with a quinoa twist! It’s already a great tasting chickpea curry, and adding quinoa into the mix will turn this Indian favorite into a complete …
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10 thoughts on “Chana Masala Quinoa Recipe”

  1. thanks…I try to eat a lot of meat-free meals and this combo makes a great dish–and pretty convenient for me since I have both main ingredients on hand almost all? the time.

  2. thanks…I’ve never made an authentic biryani recipe at home–I’ll have? to put it on the to-do list and see if I can cook up a passable dish one day.

  3. me, too–Indian food seems kinda foolproof–I suspect I probably have a slight? curry addiction.

  4. spice = fun in the kitchen. it’s kinda like fingerpaints for a kid (maybe that’s wrong, though…it’s been a loooong time since I was a kid–but not? that long since I played with fingerpaints)

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