Cool Quinoa images

A few nice quinoa images I found:

Quinoa Salad
Image by digiyesica
Dinner at the Hummus Place in Hell’s Kitchen. I order the quinoa salad with apricots, squash and cranberries (without a cream sauce).

Quinoa at Post Carbon Institute Garden
Image by terriem
It was interesting to see quinoa growing. It seems to grow well, but they said it was difficult to remove the saponin.

Quinoa Based Health Drink
Image by Sifu Renka
3 flavors available: original, vanilla and chocolate. I tried of sip of the rather viscous and neutral flavoured original. It was like whey of yogurt but tasted of mildly sweetened malt. It tasted healthful. 😛

"Quinoa is one of the richest products that nature has to offer. It is naturally rich in magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and amino-acids. In addition, our products are fortified mostly with with extra calcium, B12 and D, which makes them great for vegetarians and vegans who get less vitamin B12 than the average

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