Growing Quinoa (watch in HD)

Growing Quinoa (watch in HD)

Don’t know how long it’s been, maybe 2 months since seed?? But regardless, these things grow everyday. A Living organism just like you and I 🙂

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  1. have you seen pro-kashi channel about making bokashi or Indigenous MicroOrganisms. This is adding beneficial microorganisms to your soil. I am super interested in this and just absolutely love the results I am getting in my compost in itself. I can’t wait to see how my garden will turn out this? year.

  2. Great vid? man,
    I Liked what you said about the more energy you put in the more you get out. Them cherry’s are looking well juicy, am getting hungry 🙂
    Good luck with the harvest from the Quinoa.

  3. Thanks a lot GP.
    The nutrients my friend bought at the hydroponic store was a Liquid? nutrient additive for soil. He has a hydro set up for cloning, but not for full growing plants. But its still pretty cool 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by. Ill check out the vid asap!

  4. Cherry tomatoes and quinoa is? growing like mad. Looking really good. Checkout my video of me preparing the soil too in my yard. Take care!

  5. THAT QUININOA is AMAZING! i need some? of those seeds, the growth rate is unbelivable! what are the nutrients for? hydroponic, aquaponics? anyways great update! check out my update i just posted a few mins ago! i am on week four right now. thanks GP

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