Hamburguesas de quinoa |

Hamburguesas de quinoa | Descubre cómo hacer unas hamburguesas totalmente vegetarianas utilizando como base quinoa. Es muy fácil, están deliciosas, son …
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TUNA & QUINOA CAKES – Nicko’s Kitchen

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26 thoughts on “Hamburguesas de quinoa |”

  1. Tu eres vegetariano completo, pero hay otros que comen leche y huevos. Bueno yo como carne, pero eso no va al tema. Cada uno con sus gustos, no? deberias decirles boludos simplemente.

  2. Sí, solamente vi 22 seg del video? y ya me voy, porque esto no es “para vegetarianos” 🙁

  3. sólo basta sustituir el huevo y omitir el queso o sustituirlo también… no existen las diferencias entre las categorías … cada uno come lo que quiere y adapta las recetas… no hay vivos y boludos ni por? comer cosas distintas ni por no advertir que la receta sirve si la adaptamos.

  4. Yes, Quinoa can be substituted with rice, particularly with brown rice, which provides a hearty flavor quinoa holds. quinoa is fairly rice-like; it can be eaten as? a dish itself, it’s even cooked by boiling. Generally, anything that’s rice-like in nature can act as a substitute for quinoa. Flour, however, won’t make for a quinoa substitute; it’s very different from quinoa, and it’ll leave a poor texture, and won’t flow well with the dish.

  5. Would? it be possible to use whole quinoa instead of quinoa flakes for this recipe? If yes, should it be cooked first before adding it to the mixture?

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  7. Just tried this, absolutely? brilliant. So easy to make. I left out the coriander and cumin (not a fan of those) and used basil and thyme instead. Combined it with risotto and grilled cherry tomatoes for the italian touch – great recipe, thank you!

  8. could this be made with regular (pre-boiled) quinoa? and? maybe in a non-stick pan, without oil? these can be so healthy….

  9. hi . Can i substitute quinoa with? flour or anything else ? Because i hardly find quinoa here in my country . Thanks !

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