Harvesting Quinoa Seeds – Grow Your Own Grains!

Harvesting Quinoa Seeds – Grow Your Own Grains!

My first year growing quinoa and i am very impressed with what i got considering that quinoa grows best in cooler weather. Whole plants are very high in calcium and protein. Thanks for watching and commenting
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  1. How long will it take for those heads to flower? I’ve been waiting for several weeks now. (I posted a comment under TubeGood4U) ….finally took the time to figure out how to change me ID as I didn’t like that other one. Anyhow, trying to wait patiently for this INdoor Quinoa plant to open it’s? flower buds.

  2. I didnt eat any of the ones i grew. I only got about an oz. and i wanted to plant them as heirloom quinoa next season. But we bought a box at kroeger for about $7, WOW, but i had to try it. We love the tast, like a nutty rice. Delicious! We stuffed them inside of big sweet peppers and then baked it. Amazing!! My wife loved it? more than me. Dont eat what you grew, ill send you some that i bought from the store. Those heirloom seeds you grew this year are too valuable to eat. Thanks bro

  3. Yup! I’m noticing tiny yellow flowers right now. I have pinched off the lower leaves that are just sucking the life? out. More heads showing up at lower levels now too.
    Like you, I’m testing the ability to grow it, and hopefully move towards growing at larger scale as future forest food. 🙂
    My REAL big challenge is growing an edible dwarf banana plant INdoors in Michigan! Mine is coming along so far with a few, resolvable bumps in the road.
    May your harvest be abundant!

  4. All three, im trying to see how easy? it can grow in less than perfect conditions and getting comfortable with growing it on a larger scale. Im hoping to use quinoa as a spring/summer grain for our food forest next year. Thanks for watching

  5. So are you growing this just for seeds to plant for next year or as an experiment or just for the fun of growing? something different?

  6. Yeah, those little flower heads will eventually have very tiny yellow flowers on them, and after that? you can actually see the seeds start to grow inside that cluster. Very cool plant huh? I love growing quinoa, it is a very interesting and easy plant. And also thought it was fully they said they cant grow in containers! That great your growing it inside too. Thanks for watching, good luck

  7. Hi! Nice video ~ I too am growing Quinoa for the first time. Bought seeds off ebay, and they germinated in a couple of days. Crazy!? Anyhooo, the plants are in south window here in Michigan, and they’ve got some flower heads/buds. Not really sure what you call that. Do those heads flower? My heads are small right now…maybe 1/2″ long. The plant itself is only 2 ft, but I’m pretty impressed with it since it states that they are not meant for container gardening let alone INdoors.

  8. Im not sure how much you would need, thats a good question. But they normally produce more when they are grown in the ground instead of in a container but i would say a few plants would give you atleast a pound of food and a bunch left over for seed. They normally grow about 4 feet tall vs. my 2 foot tall. They sell the seeds at most grocery stores or health food stores like kroeger or whole foods and? walmart has quinoa pasta for sale. Its really expensive so never bought it. Like $10 per box

  9. This sounds perfect. How much of? seed does one need….a few cups, perhaps for 4 people? Just curious as to figure out how much one would need to grow to actually eat from the harvest. Thanks!

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