How do I make a faux “sticky rice” using quinoa?

Question by : How do I make a faux “sticky rice” using quinoa?
I want to remove all white rice (and actually all rice in general) from my diet, but I only like my rice “sticky” like you’d get in Asian restaurants. How do I make quinoa this way?

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By its very nature, quinoa is sticky all on its own when you cook it. The basic recipe is 2 cups liquid to 1 cup quinoa, bring to a boil, cover and cook for 15 minutes. It’s done when the liquid is absorbed [like rice] and the little white ‘tails’ are visible. You can flavor the liquid [I use a Mexican tomato soup base or chicken broth plus Dr. Fuhrman’s vege-mite seasoning] or leave it plain water to cook it in. Plain or seasoned, the quinoa will come to you sticky – all you need to do is add the goodies to make your dishes. I use quinoa as a side dish topped with various veggie things, or as a go-under in a stroganoff or stir-fry mixture. You can serve it cold as a kind of tabbouleh salad seasoned with various vinegars & spices + olive oil.

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  1. This article says quinoa is sticky. I have tried everything to make it sticky, but it always come out NOT sticky!!! This article is not true……

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