How do you Prepare Quinoa?

Question by : How do you Prepare Quinoa?
I am a new Vegetarian, and I have a question regarding Quinoa.
How is it served/ prepared / eaten?

I ask because I saw a vegetarian cook DVD, where the lady said that you can make it so easy by stirring it in boiling water and its ready to eat… BUT, then what does it taste like?
Is it necessary to flavor it?… with salt? Or sugar like oatmeal?
How is it usually prepared?

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Answer by Texperson
We eat Quinoa all the time and the best prep I have is:

2 cups chicken broth (if you are strict veggie, use water)
1 cup Quinoa
Dash Salt
Tablespoon Olive Oil
Tablespoon Honey (it tends to be a little bitter and this fixes it)

Rinse quinoa till water runs clear, about 20 seconds. Boil chicken broth, salt, olive oil and honey in a pot, add the quinoa. Cook approximately 45 minutes on gentle simmer. Taste after 30 minutes for doneness. It should be smooth tasting, not hard, then it’s done (the grain opens like a little flower when it’s done). Add any other things you may like while its cooking the last 15 minutes. Like sauteed onions and garlic and season to taste.

Think of it like another form of rice as it’s used in a similar way.

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  1. Soak it over night in water (this will cut down on the cooking time as well as make it more digestible). Fill a pot with clean water where it is just above the quinoa and put on a medium low flame and cover it for 10-20min.

    I haven’t personally had it because it is kind of expensive compared to other types of whole grains (even though quinoa is supposedly a seed) but I intend on trying it soon because it is a complete protein.

    It really is just one of those things you will have to trial and error with to get it just right. I flavor my beans and brown rice with a little salsa and cayenne pepper. Just add vegetables to it, stir and enjoy!

    On a side note, by me soaking my brown rice up to 24 hours before cooking, it only takes me 15minutes to cook as apposed to it taking 40-45 minutes! Recommend soaking!

  2. I had some earlier today. I’m not sure what was in it because my grandma prepared it for me, so I’m not much of a help… Sorry =(

    I do know that it had some fried pineapple, roasted almonds and cranberries in it though.

  3. The dvd was most likely giving you the first step in preparing quinoa. You can eat quinoa safely without the presoak, but the taste is bitter. Soaking it removes saponin and gives it a more grainy taste. Some people that want to make it quick stir it in boiling water for 10-15 min, removing the outer coating. You can also soak it overnight or for a few hours in water and do the same.

    I would suggest searching for the recipes, most people don’t simply eat a bowl of quinoa.

    Here are some easy quinoa recipes you may want to try.

  4. Quinoa is real good for you. You can go to Trader Joe’s if you have one near you and get the Red Quinoa and cook it as you cook Rice, 2 part water and 1 part Quinoa. You can cook it in water or vegetable broth with the seasoning of your choice until there is no more water about 15 to 20 min. I like garlic, ground ginger, ground mustard, 21 salute from Trader’s then I sauté some veggies like Mushrooms, red Bell, Spinach, broccoli, sliced fresh garlic what ever you like or have on hand and mix together at the end. Salt and pepper if you like.
    Quinoa is very tasty and as I said good for you. You can try couscous also which is very tasty and cooked the same way with anything you want to add to it also.
    I saw someone suggesting putting honey in, I have to ask why? No need for any kind of sweeter. But I’m diabetic so sugar is not on my list of any ingredients in my food not even apple pie or strawberry’s short cake. No need for sugar in any kind of fruit desert, fruit is always sweet enough if it is ripe.
    Enjoy being a vegetarian. Experiment with lots of different way to cook your food and try organic when possible, better for you and taste better. Gluten free will make you feel better also. Bon Appetit.

  5. Quinoa can be used as a foundation for any meal. It has a nutty, savory flavor with just a tiny bit of a crunch even when cooked, giving it a tougher texture. I typically prepare quinoa separately, cooking it with minced garlic. I sautee a bunch of vegetables on the side – like broccoli, kale, mushrooms, onions, and chard – and drizzle this with some tamari or soy sauce. I then plate about a 1/2 cup of quinoa and dump those veggies on top. Always turns out well, and is extremely healthy.

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