How to grow and harvest quinoa

How to grow and harvest quinoa

How to grow and harvest quinoa

Growing quinoa in the arizona desert can take up to 4-5 months for harvesting. You can get about a pound of quinoa for every 10 plnats. Typically they like cooler weather.
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  1. Then we are all learning 🙂 I thank you again for your input. I can tell you that here in the UK we just had the wettest spring and early summer ever recorded -? unheard of levels of rain! For the record: NO ill effects to my Quinoa plants at all. If I find another way that works, I will surely let you all know. Mark.

  2. HaHa..we’ve gotten beat up about the quality before. We will upload a cleaner version soon. We? dried them two ways, just letting them sit inside the house until they were completely dried out (no longer than a week) and our dehydrator. We separated them by hand first then we used a small filter, small enough for the quinoa to fall through but little to nothing else. We are by no means quinoa experts, so if you run across something that works better please share :).

  3. This is fantastic!(apart from poor quality) My plants here in London are large and with bursting pods reddish in colour. I was not sure how I could tell they are ready. I didn’t realise you could eat the leaves either. Please let me know how to dry them inside and how to thresh? them too! Thanks Mark

  4. Video is so bad I can not see the grass? at all, and videos need close up’s at least edit of still photo into the video. Like quinoa too bad I can not see it better. 720 web cam’s are like $20, I am looking forward to the HD remake.

  5. lol, thanks for the compliment. I wish I could give the gym all of the credit but much of it was just genetics:)
    Thanks for watching and let me know how your quinoa turns? out!

  6. Not only am I jazzed about growing quinoa, I wanna follow you around in the gym for a while and? get the arms you’ve got. Anyhow, very helpful video, thanks for uploading!

  7. Haha I totally understand. The summer months definitely has me second guessing staying… it’s like sitting inside of an oven:) But growing quinoa is a bonus.
    For? whatever you’re growing, the key is your soil. Talk with nurseries in your area and you’ll learn more about what grows well there along with more on compost, soil mix and troubleshooting. Start off with something small and easier plants to grow like tomatoes and melons and work your way up. In no time you should have a whole farm!

  8. Thank you for sharing; I didn’t think it could be grown in drier, hot climates. I am moving to Desert Hot Springs, CA soon as my family lives there. I cannot think of any good reason? to live in such a hot dry place otherwise. So I am out seeking people who are making it happen in their gardens; desert gardens that is. If you have any suggestions to help me get started, it would be most appreciated.


  9. cold quinoa and spinach salad with feta cheese,? chopped onions, and an olive oil/ sriracha hot sauce dressing. It’s amazing!

  10. I usually just look at planting calendars for Arizona to know exactly what works, because you are right, this heat is killer, I don’t know how we even survive:)

    You can find a good calendar on our website, greendesertorg. Just go to the vegetable gardening section.

    Right now I have melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, cowpeas, edamame beans and sorrel? planted. We are still harvesting some lettuce, green onions, parsley, carrots and? cilantro from last season.

    Good Luck!

  11. and also basil planted in a container with roma tomatos. I am wanting to plant some nions and garlic and other things i want to plant everytime i research it wont make it thru our heat. I will be getting to the nursery for my melons. again? love the vids and im so glad i found them and another person who understands this HEAT!

  12. i love your videos, and i am in the process of getting my yard to the point where we can get a whole meal out the back yard. what are some of the things thats i should have in my garden for the summer. Im? sprouting sweet potato so i can plant that i have some hot peppers in a container. my beans are doing well in the next few days i will be harvesting my cabbage for the first time and im rather excited about that. i have one engplant and squash plant and some okra that i need to get transplant

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