How to Make Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa

How to Make Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa

Get the recipe @ Watch how to make a simple, healthy quinoa salad with almonds a…

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16 thoughts on “How to Make Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa”

  1. Great question! We used regular Quinoa (also known as White Quinoa) for this recipe. You could certainly use Red? Quinoa! It will hold its shape a bit more when cooked, which is great if you prefer more texture in your salad. Let us know how you liked it!

  2. Hi Jaqueline. We have complete nutritional information on our site. If you click on the link provided in the description part for this? video, you’ll be able to view the calorie count. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you! We love quinoa here as well. Quinoa is? gluten free, but in some instances it might be processed in plants that handle gluten grains. If you are extremely sensitive to gluten, this is something you might be concerned with.

  4. Thank you for your question. Quinoa is a fantastic ingredient. It has a slightly nutty flavor and a great bite consistency. Quinoa on its own? is somewhat neutral and picks up the flavor from other ingredients in the dish. If you are not sure, we would recommend cooking up quinoa and trying it on its own with just a bit of salt and olive oil. Good luck!

  5. This is delicious! I hope you make more healthy and yummy recipes! Next time, could the music be a? bit softer, please? Thanks! 🙂

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