How to substitute quinoa for wheat?

Question by John K: How to substitute quinoa for wheat?
I recently bought some quinoa flour for variety and to enhance nutrition. I also bought gluten since quinoa is gluten-free and that is not a concern in my household. I hoped that I could just exchange quinoa flour for wheat flor, add a little gluten and bake as before but my recipes so far seem to come out too thin. Any suggestions on what I might be lacking?


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Answer by Jeff Monihan
I haven’t tried the quinoa flour, but maybe you should just do half / half to see if that helps then perhaps do some research or ask at your local heath food store for some suggestions.

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  1. Bob’s Red Mill grain company might be able to help you with recipes. I know of a couple of bakeries that make such loaves. I had an almond, quinoa, and date loaf last week and it was really nice – it wasn’t fluffy like white bread but more like a lemon loaf or banana loaf in texture.

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