Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Christmas Morning Breakfast

Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Christmas Morning Breakfast

Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Christmas Morning Breakfast

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23 thoughts on “Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Christmas Morning Breakfast”

  1. I really want to try? this when I go home for Christmas break, but I’m afraid my family won’t like it!! Let’s hope they do 🙂

  2. actually the yolks are the good fats. it has all the micro nutrients where all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are stored.?

  3. Yum that looks delicious. We have laughing cow cheeses here in Australia but they are plain cheese.? I’m interested in your flavoured one lol darn it

  4. Ive been experimenting with eating junk food and using an all natural meal replacement for 1 week now. My deadlifts, squats, power cleans and sprint time improved. Plus my bank account is also seeing gains. I think im? done eating like a punk ass bitch…DONEZO!!!

  5. YUMMM!!! I don’t think I can wait to make this until Christmas 🙂 and mushrooms are a must for me. I’ve made kale chips and had fresh kale in my salads but just started steaming and sauteing it.. I’ve had sauteed kale in my omelets the last couple mornings. And the best part is my son LOVES kale!!? what a great idea to add in the LC Cheese.. 🙂

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  7. I cooked 1/4 cup of raw quinoa. It’s one serving. I do not know how much it is if you measure from already cooked. I would assume? about 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup.

  8. Mom? & I would be the only ones eating this deliciousness, the rest of my families too unhealthy for this option. (lol) You should make a cooking channel to Interact and increase exposure in YT’s cooking community

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