More interesting quinoa nutrition facts, and a curious phone conversation

Here are some things you maybe didn’t know about the nutritional benefits of quinoa…

1. Quinoa is not just the best grain you could put into your body, but it is also the source of many valuable vitamins and minerals , that you WILL NOT get from other popular grains such as wheat, rice, etc. The reason is that so many of these processed grains we have available to us are just that — PROCESSED – which means that the wholesome goodness is not in them anymore.

For instance, there is undoubtedly a great nutritional value in eating whole wheat, but it is very rare that you would even get given this. The 3 parts that make up the whole of the wheat grain are seperated and the resultant product that is served to you is not whole-wheat it is just milled flour.

2. Quinoa on the other hand is made BY vegan health junkies FOR normal people , it’s like mana from heaven. In fact as I have stated AD NASEUM in my blog, it is NOT a grain, it is a SEED. It’s funny we get probably 2 or 3 dozen comments a day asking the same question – NO ITS NOT A GRAIN. I had a furious argument with my cousin from Toowoomba on the phone the other night over that very point.

But my point is

3. Eating quinoa is part of a healthy lifestyle , it’s really the benefit you get from being part of a different CULTURE. The number of friends I have lost on this quinoa journey is countless, because many of them CANNOT ACCEPT that you have elevated yourself to a higher level of nutrition, in fact you are putting your body and the bodies of your family first. I will not subject my children to the nutritional garbage that gets delivered day-to-day in our school canteens, and over the counter at milk-bars. It’s funny how smoking is banned, despite a lack of evidence that it causes any sort of real harm, except maybe for yellowing your fingernails, and that quinoa and other grains are not readily provided.

I have written to the local government many times, in fact I almost think quinoa should replace fluoride in our water supply, I am that enamoured by it!

4. Quinoa is sexy. There is nothing as appealing as a man eating a quinoa salad, the seeds dangling from his fork and he enjoys the tasty quinoa and you can see the impact this has on his muscles and testosterone levels. The same thing happens for females, you will see marked improvements in your vitality and physical appearance if you eat quinoa wisely and often.  Some-time in the future I plan to hold quinoa-swinger-parties where we have quinoa and vegan h’ors douevres followed by a wild night of vegan shagging.

Oh and as they say in France , bon appetit!

Quinoa freak out!

– kate.

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