Q&A: Is quinoa easier to digest than brown rice?

Question by Oxnard Montalvo: Is quinoa easier to digest than brown rice?
Brown rice is a little harsh on my system, as I have a sensitive stomach, but I love getting whole grains into my diet. Is quinoa a good alternative to white rice and cous-cous? Experiences?

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Answer by Ms.Mimi
whats quinoa?

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  1. I love quinoa! I am just recently hooked on it, and I do find that it’s a little more gentle than brown rice. Quinoa is considered one of the new “super-foods” and it’s super healthy – definitely better than white rice. I did a lot of reading up on it before I made it the first time and you want to be sure to rinse it really well. I also soaked mine for 30 minutes in cool water – changing the water if it became cloudy. (otherwise it has a tendency to have a soapy taste). Drain it and cook it however you like! The way I’ve been doing it is to saute some sliced portabello mushrooms and onions in a bit of butter or olive oil (both have worked fine, but the olive oil is obviously healthier! lol!) Then add some salt and pepper, some minced or dried thyme, some chicken broth and your quinoa (it’s about 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups liquid)….let simmer until the liquid is gone and serve! I really love it!

  2. yes it is… when i first tried Quinoa i hated it but now i love it! cuz its good with alot of different stuff. and i dont like brown rice at all.

    its really good with Black beans and corn on a tortilla

  3. i think it’s about the same maybe slightly better. is extremely healthy i would go with quinoa over brown rice quinoa. not to say brown rice isn’t good for you…

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