Q&A: What is Quinoa supposed to smell like?

Question by : What is Quinoa supposed to smell like?
I’m cooking quinoa for dinner right now. I smelled some of it after rinsing it out with H20 and noticed that it had a minty scent to it. To disguise it, I used some onion powder, garlic powder, and a little bit of sea salt. Anyway, I kept the bag in a relative’s pantry for some time. I would like to know if this minty scent is normal or not. Has anyone else ever noticed it?

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Answer by Beltane
I always tasted a nutty flavour


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  1. Quinoa is pasta that looks like rice, it does have a nutty flavor but it’s very mild. Usually, quinoa picks up the flavor of what you cook it in. For example, chicken broth or butter. Is it possible your quinoa was exposed to fresh mint in the pantry? Mint is very aromatic, I’d say it’s possible. I’m sure you added the seasonings you prefer to cover the taste. I would have tried it as is, maybe with a pinch of sugar to bring out the flavor.
    No, I’ve never noticed it in my quinoa, I don’t think it’s normal. I think you experienced a cross transference of mint. Hope yours turned out ok!

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