Quinoa 101

Quinoa 101

In this video I explain everything you need to know about Quinoa. Learn how to shop, store, prep and cook this super nutritious seed. If you guys like the videos please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and/or SHARE them with your friends! The more people we can reach the more videos we can make! Thanks!! To print out the complete recipe visit: cleananddelicious.com Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com Twitter: @DaniSpies Pinterest: pinterest.com

How To Cook Quinoa

www.quinoa-cookbook.com Full instructions on how to cook quinoa
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  2. The person taking the video is moving a lot. The video is very informative and Dani Spies sounded very? convincing.

  3. i used to eat bleached white rice as my main carbohydrate but now I stopped eating rice and now I eat quinoa almost everyday. taste great?

  4. One may choose to sprinkle it raw on her salad, soup, etc, and/or do the same after soaking it over? night. Use your imagination. ?

  5. hahahhaa, Yes, I’d like another poop talk. No, just kidding. Thanks for the video. After watching the Forks & Knives documentary, I started eating different; Had no idea what Quinoa was (or how to pernounce it). Thanks for the information; I will definately buy this soon because I have? been lifting weights; and I need the protein (since I no longer drink milk or eat meats; Pretty much eating foods from plants, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts).

  6. Yeah.. But its energy never dies. You can cook it in other ways too… You can either soak it in water for 4 hours then boil it for 2 minutes so all the nutrients are not cooked off. Or you can soak it for 10 minutes then rinse it, boil some water and pour it on the quinoa..? Then cover and leave it for 25 minutes…

  7. This lady is fast and furious.
    Just asking, how do we know its nutrient value? I guess? it has been tested plenty of times.
    I’ve started to eat it recently and love it.

  8. one interesting thing is that there’s no big difference between red and white quinoa. they have the same nutrient content. this idea of red quinoa being more nutritious comes from its flavour, which seems to? be better than that of the white type.

  9. Try this people : quinoa, maple syrup (or golden syrup, or honey) and cinnamon. A gorgeous sweet treat & not that unhelathy if you go? light on the syrup/honey!

  10. Hmmmm, I’d beg to differ. Salt (and pepper) are essential seasonings which enhance natural flavours. I wouldn’t put anything on a plate which hasn’t been properly seasoned, no matter how flavourful it? might be in its natural form. That little bit of salt will only make that natural flavour stand out even more.

  11. I’ve just bought some quinoa for the first time as I’ve heard about how healthy it is. I want to have it for breakfast – can anyone suggest what I can eat it with? ie. do you have it with jam? chopped? fruit??

  12. Well I dont know about washing, but definitely cooking. When u cook with tap water everything reduces and you get all that fluoride (a poison) and other impurities in your food. I use spring water when doing? something like this or when its all going to be absorbed. I dont when doing a bath like pasta etc.

  13. Yes you can eat it raw, it should be sprouted first unless you want to eat teeth breakingly hard little balls lol. It is good just sprouted and it only takes about 24 hours after the initial soak. You could actually? eat with less than a 24 hour sprouting time. Just taste it.

  14. this helped soo much! im starting to eat quinoa for breakfast and the directions on the quinoa that we buy has us cooking it for 50 miinutes! thanks so? much!


    But seriously, my mom is from Bolivia and its ironic that I found about this grain and it comes from my moms country. I am trying to lose weight and eat healthy, and? rice is a big part of my eating habits. So, I am trying to cut on that and using quinoa as a substitute. Thanks for the VID!

  16. @aarun10,

    sorry to tell you but you’re severely misinformed. i don’t know about bottled water in the UK, but in the US, its completely unregulated and isn’t? even safe to drink. the water isn’t ever tested for pathogens and is loaded with petro-chemicals and BPA from being stored in plastic bottles that are proven carcinogens. in reality, the safest bet is tap water, but the bottled water industries just want you to feel that way about it so you keep buying it.

  17. Actually studies show there are LESS chemicals in tap water than in bottled water! Which I know is unbelievable but it? is true. So using tap water is MUCH better; not to mention better on the environment; you should never use bottled water. Also you can also use a brita filter. 🙂

  18. Salt isnt at all healthy for you! You shouldnt add salt to anything – if your trying to be? healthy 🙂
    Yes it also has great flvor

  19. I was wondering, the amount that you cooked in this video, is it one serving? In other words, is half a? cup of quinoa and 1 cup of water one serving?

  20. tap water is often actually better than bottled water for chemicals, bottled water has the added problem of plastic particles? that come off of the bottle into the water.

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