Quinoa and Spinach Delight!

Quinoa and Spinach Delight!

Super healthy, super fast to prepare and super yummy! Enjoy! Get Tara’s This is Yoga DVD series: amzn.to Make sure to subscribe and never miss a video! bit.ly Get recipes and healthy things to eat here. www.tarastileseats.com More goodies and inspirational stuff here. http Yoga classes, workshops, trainings &more. www.stralayoga.com
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13 thoughts on “Quinoa and Spinach Delight!”

  1. Tara, thank you? for always sharing simple yet delicious recipes! Where do you find those wonderful wooden utensils you use? Thanks!

  2. It’s kinda hard to do any of these healthy eating things when you’re a broke college student and your only option is the one? cafeteria on your tiny campus.

  3. It appears to just be red quinoa. They all taste the same to me (normal quinoa, red or black), but maybe someone? else feels differently. I know the red or black quinoa costs like 3x as much. 🙂

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