Quinoa AZ

Quinoa AZ

Introduction to Quinoa with Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood with co-author, Carolyn Hemming. Details: The AZ of Quinoa.
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  1. Almost 3 times its original volume? You arent giving quinoa quite enough credit there, because depending? on how you prefer to cook it, quinoa can become up to 5 times original volume with the right amount of water, and it still has a nice texture this way. Great video anyway!

  2. Quinoa is an Incan super food/protein originated from PERU, highly regarded? in that culture for its nutritional benefits. Just a quick fact, Thanks 🙂

  3. I am so happy to find this video. My wife bought a bag of this a year ago and I just found it. I am researching and am totally looking forward to replacing my meat intake. I have been wanting to replace meat, but need the proteins, so this just might be? the ticket! Thanks. Need to lose thirty pounds!

  4. “Superfood” is an actual nutritional designation warranted by some healthy foods for life supporting elements (minerals, vitamins, etc). It’s not a term someone? ‘just decides’ to call a food. The Acai comparison/media hype you allude to (not explained in your comment) doesn’t apply here. No one should compare foods to drugs, superfoods are far SUPERIOR to drugs anyways. Clearly, these videos do not claim quinoa to be a drug. It would be a foolish shame if anyone confuses the two.

  5. Naturally, along with Bulgur and steel cut oats and some other great grains/foods, Quinoa? is great. However, I WOULD SHY AWAY FROM CALLING ANYTHING A SUPER FOOD. Tonight (1Jan’11) they had on the national news (ABC, I believe) a story about ACAI, another so-called “super food.” I think the conclusion applies here as well: “It’s a F-O-O-D…NOT a drug!” Better than most, I might add, but not a “miracle drug.”

  6. I just had some quinoa that did impress me. Cook each cup of quinoa in 1 1/2 cups chicken broth and only 1/2 cup water. Add 2 ounces of raw cheese. Bring to boil and then simmer for 15 minutes. Then let stand on stove for? 5 minutes. Holy molly was it good!!!!

  7. Good! I now quinoa is ery good…but not that it is THIS? good!! I love quinoa. I also like it cold in salads. Therefor good as picnic food. I recommend to cook it in good quality organic vegetable stock instead of using salt. Then you get more ‘taste’.

  8. I was impressed? by your commitment. I saw Gogo Quinoa, Northern Quinoa Corp and even Coronilla products on your table. Your collection of facts is very complete and you tell them well. Congratulations! I’ll definitely check out the website.

  9. Great to hear Michael! Quinoa can definitely enhance everything you eat and improve your overall health! We love it too!?

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    thanks for sharing good stuff man

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