quinoa salad

quinoa salad

veg & enjoy. Tasty and yummy vegetarian recipes. 25 combinations to prove that vegetarian food allows yummy and nutritive dishes. Aubergines with pesto, green pizza, pumpkin lasagna or even a surprising quinoa salad so you would not miss those traditional meat or fish preparations.
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  1. Quinoa is? an Incan super food/protein originated from PERU, highly? regarded in that culture for its nutritional benefits.? Just a quick fact, Thanks 🙂

  2. Just use rice. Quinoa is basically grouped with the grains, even though its a seed. But rice? is an excellent substitute. If you can’t find quinoa but want to try it (its good), you might look in the store where the grains are, sometimes its hard to find because of that odd grouping.

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