Quinoa Salad

A few nice quinoa images I found:

Quinoa Salad
Image by LexnGer
Saturday July 16th was the Vegan Pickle where we served the following:

Caipirissima with an amuse bouche of cucumber, mint, peas, carrots

Beet and cherry gaspacho

Raw shiitake, asparagus, gunpowder pudding, blueberry compote, lovage leaves

Romaine , quinoa, fennel, lemon ash oil , Nasturtium Blossoms , and more!

[surprise celebration course: watermelon, tomato & pastilla chili sauce, wood sorrel, sea salt, lime zest]

Coconut parfait, coffee falafel, Radish Kimchi, thai garnish

Traditional Beefsteak “tartare” : pickled cucumber, “egg” , toast

Farrotto, corn shoots, corn nuts, india pale ale, garlic scapes

Olive oil cocoa cake , avocado puree, peanuts, olive, rum

Quinoa Salad
Image by haleysuzanne
Jeremy had a wonderful quinoa salad at Nanoosh across from the Lincoln Center.

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