Quinoa – Superfoods, Episode 7

Quinoa – Superfoods, Episode 7

Quinoa - Superfoods, Episode 7

Quinoa is misunderstood. Not only do people pronounce it wrong, they don’t know what it is. This week on Superfoods, we’re going to teach you how and why you should amp up your carb intake with protein-rich quinoa. ABOUT SUPERFOODS: This weekly show spotlights super healthy foods and shows viewers how to incorporate them into their everyday diets. Get the skinny on everything from kale to pomegranates, learn delicious and easy recipes, and pick up tricks on how to add these super foods into the dishes you already love.

8 thoughts on “Quinoa – Superfoods, Episode 7”

  1. I’m a huge fan! I’d suggest you guys turn the voice level up and the music level down: at some points the voice? was unintelligible.

  2. Funny xD
    I actually eat quinao often in the morning like? a breakfast meal boiled in milk or water with some herbs or sugar,something i learned as a kid 🙂
    My parents are partly Peruvian so tradition naturally followed through me.I found that many meals my parents made for me as a child really healthy which i am thankful for. x3

  3. I love watching these episodes, I learn so much from them! I showed my mother the pomegranate episode and she got one from the store! Thanks? for making food both fun and a learning experience.

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