Quinoa Thai Curry Recipe

Quinoa Thai Curry Recipe

Quinoa with a Thai Curry influence. This is a great dish to make when you’re ready to clean out the fridge–it’s a great way to get rid of all the loose vegg…
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  1. Thanks for the kind comment! And thanks for the heads up on my recipe text snafu–I neglected to add those ingredients to the video text AND the text in the description, too–I’d fire my secretary if it wasn’t me :^) …I’ll throw an annotation on the video and cut down on my drinking.?

  2. Big Chef Buck fans, here, my wife and I. We’ve made many of your recipes, and we’re big on the cauliflower masala, chinese eggplant, and spicy cous? cous in particular. Going to try this one in a little bit. Just wanted to mention, you seem to have left the coconut milk and hot pepper out of the list of ingredients, although they’re obvious if one watches the video. Thanks for the great recipies and cool vids.

  3. Thanks for the advice, chef! I’ll give this recipe a try with some natural yoghurt this weekend. I really? like your videos, you make cooking look fun and easy 🙂

  4. thanks! very? generous comment :^) We eat a lot of Thai food–CG is always dragging me out to Thai restaurants “for research” –I’m lucky like that!

  5. I’m a yogurt fan and like to use it to add creaminess to dishes-especially in Indian cooking-but I use it to finish dishes more than to cook through with the dish. Adding yogurt to the spices in this dish at med. high heat and then cooking it through to the finish will likely cause the yogurt to separate, so I’d shy away from using it as a substitute for the coconut milk. But this recipe is? a heavy on the veggies so adding a little yogurt near the finish would make it creamier, which is good :^)

  6. My husband and I LOVE your recipes. We’ve tried at least a dozen of them now and have made some over and over. We’ve been cooking a lot of Thai? food lately so we will be trying this for sure. You’re my favorite chef (besides myself). Kidding! Keep the delicious recipes coming!

  7. This? looks great, I’m always interested to learn new ways of cooking veg. Could I use natural yoghurt instead of coconut milk?

  8. Thanks for the tip! My girls & I have been trying to cut red meat out of our diet. We want to eventually go veg but? grilled chicken breast is just so friggin good!

  9. I’d cook the veggies in with the milk and spices and just add more as needed until the veggies are to your liking. You can always put in fewer veggies, too. The coconut milk will reduce, but not too much–even if you doubled the simmering time (which would only be 10 minutes)–but you can always add a little more milk–any? kind; sometimes I’ll add a little almond milk if I’ve got too many veggies, which I ALMOST have in this video.

  10. I don’t like my veggies too crunchy.. will the coconut milk reduce too much if I cook it longer or should I cook my veggies in another pot? before adding them?

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