The real benefits of eating Quinoa

Quinoa is very fast becoming well known as one of the most healthy grains available. Although technically it is a seed, not a grain, the fact that it is high in protein, fibre, and other important minerals means that it can replace grains like wheat or rice as a staple dietary food.

Quinoa Protein
Quinoa Protein
The popularity of quinoa is increasing so much that it is becoming even easier to prepare, easier to find, and cheaper to prepare.
Many of us will remember the days when quinoa was sold in bulk 3lb (1kg) bags and had to be washed repeatedly to make it ready for food preparation.
These days you can find pre-washed quinoa that will be ready to eat in as little as 20 minutes.Two of the most popular replacements for quinoa are as a replacement for rice in savory dishes, and as a replacement for oats in sweet breakfast dishes.Due to the high-fibre nature of the quinoa seed, it acts as a regulator of your blood sugar and metabolism, and it also helps you feel more satisfied which reduces food cravings and can assist in weight loss.Here’s some more quinoa benefits:1. Quinoa is high in minerals like magnesium, manganese and copper.
Magnesium intake can help in providing more restful sleep and improving heart-health.
2. Quinoa can assist in cholesterol reduction.
There are supporting studies in European medical-science journals dated in recent years (2009, 2010).
3. Quinoa contains ALL 9 essential amino acids (proteins) necessary for muscle and bone development and repair.The best way to find out is to eat this remarkable food for yourself, and you will soon find out why quinoa is becoming so popular.

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  1. Very useful information! Implementing quinoa in a diet will significantly improve your health and self-comfort! It is a great add to your nutrition I can tell you that!

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