What Do Vegans Eat? Just Kale And Quinoa?

What Do Vegans Eat? Just Kale And Quinoa?

What Do Vegans Eat Just Kale And Quinoa. Uploaded by Heather Nauta on Mar 13 2013. Full Article httpwwwhealthyeatingstartsherecomplanningwhatdoveganseat So what do vegans eat We eat tons of amazingly delicious food We definitely go beyond salads although I do love a good salad And check out httpwwwhealthyeatingstartsherecom for the free7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits. healthy vegan.

14 thoughts on “What Do Vegans Eat? Just Kale And Quinoa?”

  1. you might even consider something like advocating that at least 50 percent of the vegan diet should be raw, then they can choose for themselves weather they want to go 100 percent or whatever….the idea being that at least 50 percent should be pursued for a healthy vegan diet and the same with low fat…meaning not stringent ratios? but just a general idea….the other part is the other components like greens, etc…somehow that basics of an elementary bottom line diet should be worked out

  2. thanks heather for your inspiring videos. I made a potato and sweet potato salad with avocardo and mint? dressing after watching one of your videos. Delicious! it’s now a favourite

  3. Steamed kale, sweet onion, mushrooms, in a brown {veggie, of course!} gravy, served over brown rice,? or mashed potatoes!

  4. yeah, I love the site Choosing Raw for a balanced look at the benefits of raw food in a realistic, and scientifically sound, way? – if you haven’t already, check that site out 🙂

  5. Right, I’ve been doing something equivalent to your diet for a long time…going raw, and wild and natural makes sense to me, but the reasons you site also make sense…I think a continuing debate would be great, a lot of the raw people are obviously pretty dogmatic, but I think they make great points….since this is all relatively new to the mainstream since the sixties, really, I think a lot? more work is necessary in flushing these issues out….thanks.

  6. I don’t do fully raw, or 80-10-10 – I just like fruit 🙂 I love having cooked whole grains, beans? and legumes, so important for balanced nutrition

  7. I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 years and vegan about 4 – the change can be tough as you learn new ways of cooking and making meals, but once you get the hang of it I actually find it SO much easier and more fun! Weight loss is a result of calories – so if you eat the same amount of calories, plant foods won’t make you lose weight. But – plant foods tend to have less calories in the same volume, especially if you stick to whole foods like veggies and grains and beans, so can be easier that? way

  8. Fresh fruit!!!! Then a delicious healthy muffin, and coconut water/freshly juiced fruit? juice 🙂 Mmm making me want some really badlyy

  9. I’ve been doing that diet for decades and lately for the? last few years I’ve been looking at a lot of 801010 sites….back in the day, the major source for that was the natural hygiene assoc….i’ve always had and known about the whole matter of having a totally natural, raw, fruitarian based diet as the best, but I’ve just never been organized to sustain that level, even though I do have a pretty large organic garden. I think all of this is going to take a lot more work in thinking through.

  10. How long u been vegetarian? I want to do it but im the person in charge to cook so is? very difficult for me .. how u started and when u vegetarian is more easy lost weight?

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