What is Quinoa? / Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Recipe

What is Quinoa? / Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Recipe

In our first episode of What’s This Food, Daniel Delaney explores the “Mother Grain” known as Quinoa and makes a quick and easy Mediterranean salad. Today’s sponsor is Garden Fork: www.gardenfork.tv If you’re interested in sponsoring an episode of WTF, head over to http or write to Daniel at hello@danieldelaney.com —- What’s This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011. Learn more at danieldelaney.com Facebook – http Twitter – twitter.com Email Newsletter – eepurl.com
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16 thoughts on “What is Quinoa? / Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Recipe”

  1. Thanks for your video. Very informative. I really enjoyed how you expalined everything about? this food. I was confused about a couple of things about quinoa and through this video, my questions have been answered . Thanks!

  2. There are over a hundred different varieties growing in the world today. It is a hardy crop and can withstand harsh climactic conditions. That said, however, its preference for very high altitudes means it is it not suitable for growing in most parts of the world.Quinoa, It is mainly grown in the South American countries? of Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

  3. I love love love Quinoa! my mom has been making it for almost a year now, and so simple to make! she just cuts? up and onion and cooks it all in chicken stock. mmm perfect

  4. youre such a fucken dork….? the facial expressions….such an idiot…. i can watch better videos without ur ugly attitude

  5. I know about quinoa, from thinking a patty of it should have? been baked like a flatilla or pancake; that was wrong and tasted awful three ways…tannin, scorching and…dieseling, say. Toasting them dry 8 minutes on medium high before hydrating them is evidently okay. Sprouting them takes 48 hours…12 under water, 36 on trays with rinsing on screening 6-8 times.

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