What is the best method for washing quinoa?

Question by Dear Prudence: What is the best method for washing quinoa?
Quinoa apparently has a coating that needs to be removed or the dish will have a “soapy/bitter” taste. What is the best way to rinse the quinoa to ensure that it is gone? I’ve done everything from soak overnight in water to rinse under a strainer and I often still sense that taste of soap.


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Answer by cat m
I usually just rinse quinoa in a strainer. Not all quinoa will have the powdery residue on it. The darker brown quinoa is grown in California and does not seem to have the quality of flavor as the lighter colored quinoa. Some lower-priced quinoa has a brown, powdery residue. This quinoa needs to be rinsed thoroughly before cooking because the saponin powder has a bitter, soapy flavor, and gives the quinoa a sticky texture. You might want to experiement with different kinds of quinoa. Look for a plump, clean, light ivory-colored grain.

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